Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is the most accessible platform for you to engage with your customers. It allows your brand to connect directly with your community, and for your customers to provide you with vital real-time feedback.

It’s all about the conversation.

The memery team live and breathe social media. It’s our passion and our strength. As a full service social media agency, we can help you with:

  • Social media presence - have an optimised and full branded business page on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ (depending on what's suitable for your industry and goals)
  • Promotion & fan acquisition - get tips on what to post and when, which platform your audience uses the most and cross-promotion
  • App development - apps are a great way to build your audience and increase engagement with your fans. Whether you are after an existing app or a completely custom one, we can help. 
  • Management of online conversations about your brand. Learn how to respond to negative comments and how to encourage more positive ones. 

We help you generate engaging content to encourage brand loyalty. We’re all about building relationships and creating a community. Contact us today to get your social media on the right track.