Public Relations (PR) Agency

memery is here to help. To help you get engaged, to start the conversations you need to be having with your target audience. We will work with you to secure your business a place in the media spotlight. We will start your conversation about your business, your service, your point of difference.

Our team understands that public relations practice today is very different to public relations ten years ago. Even five years ago. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. While a photo in the local newspaper might be the perfect approach for one client, another might call for national broadcast coverage or a strategic blogger outreach campaign.

The memery team love to develop integrated public relations strategies for our clients. Whether it be designed to hit print and broadcast media, the blogosphere or the twittersphere. It’s about getting your message heard, about creating and maintaining positive conversations. It’s about your business.

What is PR?

PR is quite different to other forms of marketing or advertising. Rather than securing paid advertising or thinking up clever slogans, Public Relations involves the active promotion of an entity (business, individual or organisation) to the public.

It is the role of PR agencies to facilitate this spread of information through various news outlets, word of mouth and social media and to ensure that the public perceive the respective brand in its desired light. 

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Whether the situation calls for a media release, a business or personal profiling article, or a strategic issues management plan, our experienced public relations team will ensure your business is always represented positively and professionally.

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