What’s new to Facebook this week?

Although we thought the new timelined profile layout would hit our screens weeks ago it is still yet to be launched to the general public.  We are so excited for this feature as the layout looks so clean and fresh but without a formal announcement from Facebook on an exact date it’s just a matter of wait and see … in the meantime here are some updates that have been made to insights that are worth knowing about.

Facebook has improved the insights by adding new metrics to help admins get a better understanding of the audience they are reaching and how they interact with the page.

Measurability is an ongoing battle for businesses who know they need to be a part of the social movement but also need to be accountable for the dollars they are investing in moving to social networks and what ROI it is delivering.  These updated insights are a great starting point for measurability with the following metrics now readily accessible:

  • Graphical representations of how many posts you have made, how many people your post reached and how many talk about those posts
  • Detailed breakdowns of each post how many people you reached and engaged with and the virality of that post.  What’s so good about this for newcomers to Facebook is that you can actually assess what communication messages your fans are engaging with and which ones are not working so well.  The higher the viral % the better the result!
  • The ability to export the data is also a great tool for internal and external reporting

If you are an admin of a page you most likely would have already seen a notification to take the tutorial, we suggest you take the tutorial and start getting the most out of your Facebook page.

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  1. I hope this feature will turn out good and beautiful.

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