What is Experiential Marketing?

Have you ever heard of or wondered what Experiential Marketing is?

Experiential Marketing, also known as engagement marketing or guerrilla marketing, is a marketing strategy that aims to directly engage consumers, inviting them to participate in the evolution of the brand. The idea is to not treat consumers as passive receivers of information, but to actually get them involved in the marketing and branding, so they develop a relationship with the brand.

This may seem a little vague so here are some great examples of Experiential Marketing you may have heard about (these engaging marketing campaigns often feature heavily on YouTube and other video channels):

T-Mobile – Angry Birds Live

Taking advantage of the Angry Birds craze, T-Mobile set up a live game where people could use a smart phone to actually propel boulders at a massive structure, just like in the game.

Colgate – Keep Britain Smiling

In a West London shopping centre Colgate promoted a “share your smile” concept where people would have a photo taken of their smiles and they were projected on billboards and other mediums. The idea was to raise money for disadvantaged children but it also engaged potential consumers and got them thinking about their smile, all while portraying Colgate in a positive light.

Carrie: A Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

To promote a thriller film about a girl with telekinetic abilities a coffee shop was set up with hidden props to make tables and stunt actors move, apparently by mental force. Customers of the coffee shop would later “witness” what appeared to be a young girl actually moving tables and throwing a man against a wall with her will. The YouTube video went viral.

These are on a rather grand scale but the fundamentals are the same. By engaging with the public and creating a memorable experience or display, you can encourage positive associations with your brand that people talk about, and often share on social media.

If you’re looking to promote your brand in a unique and creative way using experiential marketing (or you simply need some help with your marketing strategy or PR), contact memery to discuss your project.

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