Insights from our Intern – Krystal

During my time as an intern, Memery has opened my eyes to the competitive world of public relations. It has given me the inspiration to continue my career within PR, enlightened and enriched my personal opinion of the industry and reassured myself that an agency can actually be an exciting and enjoyable place.

Why I chose Memery:

With my mind set on finding an PR agency that best reflected my own personality, interests and desire to advance in the PR industry, my direction was clear:

  • I wanted to work for an agency that would challenge me daily
  • I wanted to work with a team that would support me
  • I wanted to work for an agency that dealt with clients that appealed to me

Referred by a friend, I found myself eagerly typing ‘Memery’ into my Google search engine. Straight away their website aesthetics caught my attention and from this moment on, I knew that Memery was the perfect agency to kick-start my professional career.

Memery is all about giving their interns the full industry experience.  I was never asked to make coffee or take out the rubbish; instead, I was immersed into the world of public relations from day one. Each week I was given the opportunity to learn something new and challenge my skills.

Throughout this experience my confidence, knowledge and skills improved extensively.

My advice to future interns:

From an intern on the inside, I’ve pulled together some tips for aspiring public relations practitioners:

1.  Do your research

  • Know the type of PR  company you want to work for before applying – whether it be a small agency or a corporate in-house department

2.  Be honest with your team leader

  • Talk to them about your interests, your skills, previous experience and what you hope to achieve by the end of your internship

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • This will get you the respect you deserve and more challenging tasks to work on!

4.  Be confident in sharing your opinion

  • You are part of a team after all

5.  Absorb as much as possible

  • If you are forgetful like myself, bring a notepad and write down EVERYTHING – you can use this as a touch-point in the future.

So if you are sitting on the fence wondering what the industry holds for you… my advice in the words of Nike – ‘Just Do It’! An internship that is.

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