Facebook Timeline Changes

The Facebook Timeline takeover is getting closer and here in the office we have been busy preparing our client pages for the change. It was only two weeks ago when Facebook announced some significant design changes to become mandatory on the 30th March, 2012. The unique features being introduced will force brands to have engaging and sharable content ranging from the likes of photography to info-graphics, which is sure to make things more interesting for users.

These changes to Facebook’s functionality will impact brands and their Facebook strategy, but if done right will become an even more powerful branding tool.

Here is a summary of the five major changes:

1.       Cover Photo

The cover photo will be introduced and will sit at the top of the page. This will become the first “branding” touch point, allowing you to create a descriptive visual of your brand. Coca-Cola has created a great example of how to give your Timeline page personality in a branded context.

2.       Pin posts

“Pinning” a post will allow it to stay at the top of the Timeline for 7 days at a time and precede any other content. It is an ideal way to curate your brands Timeline content and encourage a posts “stickiness”.

3.       Milestone

A milestone is a major brand event significant to your brands growth. You can use this feature to prompt conversations with your fans about a product launch, store opening or in the case of Dove below, use a milestone to craft the story of the brand.

4.       Star Post

“Starring” a post will allow you to highlight an important post on the timeline in a very big way. The post will expand to a widescreen view and will always be visible on the Timeline at this size. Starbucks has used this feature (below) to create an eye-catching post which generated 15, 815 likes and 671 comments. I think they would be happy with that!

5.       Direct Messages

Users can now send brands private, direct messages, providing an enhanced customer support channel. Brands cannot approach users, they can only respond if a user starts the conversation.

These Timeline changes are going to shake things up initially, but brands that start to share engaging content will definitely reap the benefits and remain at the forefront of consumer attention.

Tell us what you think about the new Facebook Timeline changes…

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