Easter – a brand managers sweet spot!

So here we are, another easter just ripe for sweet treats and of course a few extra days off! Brand Managers around the country have been capitalising on this holiday for months now, with edible products adorning supermarket shelves and tempting the most diligent of dieter. Their busy times certainly mean busy times for the rest of us as we make our mark in supporting them to drive exceptional marketing campaigns and boosts in sales. It’s a little like a race to the post with Easter Sunday the finishing line, so one thing we all need – to ensure our break is as enjoyable and relaxing as the next man or woman’s – is a whole lot of organisation. And this goes for all marketers across all industries!

So apart from the confectionary industry cashing in on us mere mortals, what can marketing managers across other industries do to maximise this time of the year? Best bets would be to take stock of current marketing and communications activity for both internal and external stakeholders. Give your team and your customers the opportunity to take their break stress free and to work more on counting their calorie intake than worrying about the work loads they need to come back to.

Ensure your customer’s communications ie. newsletters, brochures, event plans and budgets are all in ship shape prior to the Easter break. Make sure your approvals are up to date so that you can roll out campaigns directly on your return and that your agency partners are on the ball so that you too can enjoy the Easter holiday with confidence.

Lets not forget your staff and team either. Make sure you review their task lists so that they too can walk away on Thursday night un-burdened and able to truly make the most of the break and return refreshed and ready to go. Marketing as a discipline is by nature not a 9 to 5 job, so everyone needs time to unwind so that productivity levels are tip top.

So this Easter week, be kind to your staff, be kind to your customers and clients and ultimately, be kind to yourself.

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