Donate your phones this Christmas to help children and animals!

Three of Queensland’s favorite charities have joined forces with Mobile 4 Charity and Westpac bank to raise money through the recycling of mobile phones.

Westpac Calamvale will host the launch of the consortium’s mobile phone fundraising appeal at their branch on Wednesday December 7th 2011 at 10am.

Westpac General Manager Jason Garner will officially launch the program at 10am with a formal announcement.  Also in attendance will be representatives from the RSPCA, PCYC, Bravehearts and mobile4charity.

The launch will see the consortium come together and officially kickstart the program with the backing of Westpac QLD.  The TVC will be released and appeal targets and environmental impacts will highlighted


Bravehearts, PCYC and the RSPCA are proud to announce their consortium with Mobile 4 Charity that will raise much-needed funds from the collection of mobile phones from all Queensland Westpac bank branches.

With hundreds of charities competing for the same community and corporate support the alliance will not only help the children and animals they assist but also the environment and will strengthen their fund raising capabilities.

Westpac are helping to facilitate the consortium’s fundraising efforts by hosting a ‘mobile4charity’ mobile phone collection bin at every Queensland Westpac branch.

The general public, Westpac customers and staff can drop their pre loved and unwanted mobile phones in the collection bins at any local Westpac branch in Queensland.

Mobile4charity, an internationally recognized mobile phone recycling program, then collects the phones for recycling with the consortium raising funds for every phone collected.

“We are delighted to have formed this partnership with both the PCYC & RSPCA and to be a part of a program that not only enables our organisations to raise funds, but also makes a difference environmentally,” said Peter Duffy, Bravehearts ‘Commercial Manager.

Charities have felt the brunt of the tough year endured by Queenslanders so finding alternatives to asking the public to constantly reach in their pockets is vital to fundraising efforts.  With Christmas just around the corner the public are generally more open to giving to charities but asking for dollar donations is still tough.

“Christmas is a peak time of year for new phones purchases.  All we ask is that when consumers purchase their new phone, they think about how they recycle the old one.  Placing the phone in the bin poses an environmental hazard and most phones can be re conditioned and sent to developing nations where affordability is minimal.  By dropping your old handsets into the deposit bins at Westpac you’ll be disposing of your phone properly and helping to raise funds for these three iconic Queensland charities that do so much for the wellbeing of our children and animals.”  Explained Mobile4charity director Cam Hanns.

“This program is a convenient option for businesses and individuals to support our charity’s without having to outlay additional revenue. They simply donate their unused phones in a convenient and secure program.” added PCYC Sergeant Gary Penny, General Manager Fundraising & Marketing.

The goal is to collect 50,000 mobile phones and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to discard unused mobile phones whilst assisting three very worthy causes.


About the members of the consortium:

Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection advocacy group and the nation’s only charity specifically dedicated to combating child sexual assault in Australia.

PCYC, Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Clubs who facilitate and encourage participation in sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs.

RSPCA Queensland, a non-government, community-based charity dedicated to protecting the welfare of all animals.

Mobile 4 Charity is an Australian owned and operated mobile phone recycler that collects unused mobile phones from businesses and the Government. The phones are then sold at a vastly reduced price overseas with the money going to charity. According to a recent study by Nokia, only 3% of mobile phone users recycle their old phones. If each of the three billion people owning mobiles brought back just one unused device we could save 240,000 tonnes of raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases to the same extent as taking 4 million cars off the road. The program is simple in concept, with counter top collection bins delivered to workplaces, retail outlets or agreed venues. These are then collected with no cost or financial outlay to the business.

For further information or to obtain a collection box please contact any one of the following:

Peter Duffy (Bravehearts) on 5552 3000,

Gary Penny (PCYC) 3909 9558


Diane Baartz (RSPCA) 3426 9916

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