Creatively branded shopping bags

I saw this post on the Lost at E Minor newsletter this morning and it instantly captured my attention as it is something I have always thought about. I guess that thought process goes something like this:

  • Shopper enters shop by choice and instantly volunteers to engage with your brand
  • Shopper makes purchase and continues to walk the shopping center or street with their purchase in your subtly branded, typically bland, run of the mill shopping bag.  Never the less it’s still the shopping bag that you have already invested some form of $ in and will likely be thrown away once the purchaser get home.
  • LIGHT BULB MOMENT OF OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION ANYONE?.. These shoppers are your walking brand billboards, actually they are more than that they are your walking brand advocates.  Why not invest the money you already spend on your bags, maybe put some extra into the design and production and get the most exposure possible out of these walking brand advocates!

In saying this if everyone went down this path it would no longer be as valuable as it would be just another level of clutter.  Anyway something to think about if it suits your brand essence and position (and of course budgets)..  If not have a look at these pretty cool examples anyway!

See the rest at Lost at E Minor here

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