Are they really listening?

Post by memery staff intern Ambre

As Brisbane’s much anticipated TEDx talks got underway on Saturday, I was left bombarded with photos and comments on my twitter feed about how inspiring each guest speaker had been. Twitter continued to tease me about the amazing ideas and “ah ha” moments that must have been bouncing through The State Library, so I felt obliged to look through the TED archives for some quick fix inspiration.

With millions of talks to sift through I was overwhelmed with ingenious ideas from individuals around the world. One in particular was Seth Godin, an entrepreneur that has written thirteen books about the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and changing everything.

In his talk Godin goes into a thought provoking discussion revolved around why some products and services get noticed and some don’t. These days consumers are bamboozled with too many choices and are forced to ignore what we are telling them. There is now an importance of communicating with people who actually care about what you are talking about – who would have thought!

Seth Godin’s top five tips

  1. Do something remarkable. These days very good is boring, you need to do something that gets noticed and is worth making a “remark” on.
  2. Reinvent what it means to sell your product. An example of this was Aeron who sold billions of dollars of office chairs because turned their chairs a status symbol about where you sat at work.
  3. You need to target the people who care, who are obsessed with something, who desperately care what you have to say because these people will tell their friends and it will spread.
  4. Design is free. Figure out how to get design to work for you.
  5. The riskiest thing you can do is being safe!

Written by our current star intern Ambre.

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