A PR lesson – what to do when it’s a slow news day

So our client, The Diet Plate (a medical device which shows you how much you should be eating from each food group) has paid a small fortune to bring out the doctor advisor guy from the British version of The Biggest Loser for a PR junket. He’s going to be on virtually every chat show and current affairs program in the country spruiking the virtues of portion control as a weight loss tool, and of course, telling everyone how great The Diet Plate is. They’d been hoping for a slow news week. What they got was quite the opposite. You could blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge today and no one would notice*. Not quite the way I wanted to launch the first new client of my new agency (memery, more on that later).

Rather than moan about how we were going to get buried, we thought we’d run some ads taking advantage of the situation. It was too late to book anything anywhere, so we thought Google AdWords would do the trick.

Within an hour of the news about Julia Gillard taking the top office breaking we had an ad up targeting anyone who searched Google for her name. Here’s what it looked like (first ad at the top on the right):

While we were on the band-wagon, we also ran ads targeting the other political leaders, the copy was as follows:

Targeting ‘Kevin Rudd‘ searches

The Diet Plate
Lose weight while
eating humble pie


Targeting ‘Malcolm Turnbull’ searches

The Diet Plate
Revenge isn’t the best
dish served cold


Targeting ‘Tony Abbott’ searches

The Diet Plate
Microwave safe. In case
of global warming


Targeting ‘Bob Brown’ searches

The Diet Plate
When you want to eat
more than greens


I usually prefer writing longer copy, but it goes to show, you can have a lot of fun with two lines if you try. I’m sure Ernest Hemingway would agree.

*Don’t try this at home

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