A little bit of beach and a whole lot of work!

So here we are again, our third year working on the Breaka Burleigh Pro! We love this event and thrive on the diverse communication and media channels that have expressed interest in all facets of the surfing pro culture.

They love the human-interest stories, the sports results, and the controversy that can sometimes pop up; and of course this year we have the Women’s ASP 6 star event to work with.

Artist wall at the Breaka Burleigh Pro 2013I must say the work involved with getting every angle out to the media has been phenomenal. So many stories and so many characters to work with this year. This can make a nice change to the usual battle for interview opportunities due to athlete schedules and availability. We had Occhy on board again this year along with Sally Fitzgibbons and other world tour surfers from all over the globe.

Our wildcard competition this year has also generated strong media interest with Kelly Norris and Laura Poncini both making great ambassadors for the event.

The memery team has worked tirelessly with media nationally and has enjoyed the challenge that comes with gaining extensive exposure for the event and most importantly for our client – Breaka!

Ensuring prevalent brand placement can always be a little tricky however with a little ambassador training and diligence on content it can be achieved and i am certainly happy to note that the team here has done just that.

I will report on the communication results of this event shortly so stay tuned and if you happen to be on the Gold Coast this week or heading out of Brisbane for a weekend away I would certainly recommend spending some time at the Breaka Burleigh Pro.

Whilst your there check out this years new addition – The Breaka Artist Wall; hosting many of the coasts top Graffiti artists. We love it and look forward to auctioning them on the Breaka Flavoured Milk facebook page to raise funds for the grant program set up to help underprivileged children have access to surf schools. A great cause and a great way to get involved.

See you there!
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