What we do

If you wanted someone to write you a press release you could hire a monkey with a cocktail dress and a little black book. We write press releases sometimes. Let's be honest, it's a good way to get free publicity. But it's not the only way. It's not 1984 anymore. It's not 1994 anymore. It's not even 2004 anymore. The game has changed. You need to start thinking like it's 2014.

Your customers don't just want you to engage with them. They EXPECT it. Your stakeholders still want to read nice stories about you in the newspaper of course. And you might get a few website hits if you can get on The Project. But the age of telling and selling is over. People want a relationship with you. They want to have a conversation with your organisation. If you don't start treating your customers the same way you'd treat your friends they'll go and do business with someone who does. You don't have to invite them all to dinner, but if they talk to you, you need to talk back.

memery is everything a digital agency could be and everything a PR firm should be. We help you develop strategies to engage with your audiences, wherever they are; online, off-line, above the line and below the line. We get people talking about your brand. We make you newsworthy. We listen to conversations happening online and make you a part of the buzz.

The outcome could be as simple as your first corporate Twitter account or as complicated as a communications strategy for your whole Asia-Pacific division. We've taught football players how to act on Facebook and taught CEO's how to react when CNN turns up on their doorstep. We've helped residents clean up their lawns after property developers have flooded neighbourhoods and trained large corporations to extract the most ROI out of their social media strategy. We know who to call when you want to be on TV. We get to know the editor of your local paper. We’re communicators.

We’re marketers. We’re savvy. We get it. Above all, we understand the fundamental need to provide commercial value to our clients.

We appreciate business leaders are sometimes reluctant to fully-embrace a PR or digital strategy due to financial constraints, scepticism on ROI, past broken digital promises or reach numbers conjured by nothing short of sorcery. We take the view that traditional methods are still vital in the communication process. But when strategically integrated with social media channels, the results of traditional public relations campaigns speak for themselves.

Check out our work and then give us a call. We'd love to chat about how memery can help.